Wadi Wranglers Wranch

Wadi Wranglers’ Wranch is that quiet place each of us holds in our mind and in our heart. It is a place of stillness and calm where we go to ponder our toughest questions, to withstand our most difficult moments, to revel in our richest loves and to rebuild after our deepest disappointments. It is a protected space where we can stop, learn, love and prepare ourselves to begin again, renewed and refreshed. It’s where we get our resilience on! At Wadi Wranglers, we carry this space within us each and every day. It is something we share with the Tribe, each new Beastie who comes our way and with everyone who asks for our help.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make this space a reality – to create a real, physical, protected space. A space for retreat, learning, contemplation and healing. A protected space in which dog handling practice and education are integral to leadership experiences, trauma recovery and autism research.

Interested in Donating, Sponsoring or Working with Us?

If you are interested in donating to, sponsoring the development of or working with us to create Wadi Wranglers Wranch and its powerful and transformative programs for people and beasties in need, please contact us.
In the meantime…..Keep on Wrangling!

Reach high and wide, you never know who may reach out to hug you!