Superhero Daddy

We couldn’t help but take seriously our responsibility for the mixed breed street dogs and puppies (known in Oman as Wadi Dogs) who came into our home. We cared for their injuries, loved them, trained them and tried to find them happy and loving permanent homes. Many never left. We call them the Tribe.

Volunteer Run

Caring for the Tribe is a big job and we are proud of the happy family that is our Tribe and the community of great people who, because of us opening our home and our hearts, became our friends and mentors. We choose to approach our roles as mummy, Superhero daddy and Chief Wranglers as a blessing. In return our days are filled with hilarity and love. The joy these animals bring to the world around them, even in the harshest of circumstances, is matched only by our own efforts to step up and forward and to be the best we can be to ourselves, each other and the world around us, every day.
Let’s approach all our challenges in the same way and make the world a better place to be, live and love.

Partnerships with professionals

In this mix of madness and love came some truly amazing people and Wadi Wranglers is blessed to work with and have their unwavering support!

Ty the Dog Guy

Our friend Ty Brown from Utah specialises in protection dogs, service and therapy dogs and generally solving tough behavioural problems.
Just Brilliant!

Balance Behaviour

balance behaviour
Auntie Julia of Balance Behaviour helps solve tough problems with diet, nutrition and behavioural support.
She’s an Angel!

AlQurum Veterinary Clinic

Azaiba Branch: Our friendly local vet Dr Petar Boganovic and his super skilled team use their super powers to keep our Tribe happy and healthy.
A crack team!

Muscat Dog Adoption

Muscat Dog Adoption

An amazing team of caring volunteers rescuing and homing dogs and puppies from Muscat streets. Loving, supportive and just simply amazing people.
She’s an Angel!

Animal Experience International

Auntie Nora of AEI is our inspiration and shoulder to cry on.
She always has solid advice to help us get up and get on with the important things and then she gets on with her amazing Animal Experiences.
A true blessing!

Gemma Davies-Van der Kooij

The Amazing and talented Gemma Davies-Van der Kooij
took some remakable photos for us.
Thanks Miss GemD, you rock!

Together we make an amazing team.

Would you like to be a Wrangler.....?
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