Be a Wrangler!



Everyone can play a part in making this a better world. Volunteer with a charity in your neigbourhood. Take time out for a play date with a shelter dog and change his, and maybe your, life forever. Volunteer at a cat rescue center, foster a needy animal, work on a farm, help under-privileged kids learn new skills, plant a tree, clean up your local beach or park (or wadi!)………do whatever it takes to make your world a brighter, happier and better place to be, live and love. The only limit is your imagination!

Remember…….Think Wrangler, be a Wrangler!

Here are just a few of the people who inspire us each and every day!

The Jayc Foundation


Muscat Dog Adoption


Animal Aid Unlimited, India


Animal Experience International


Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society


Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR)


TNR programs involve catching or trapping street or feral dogs and cats, spaying or neutering them and returning them to their home habitat, or a safer place if possible, as a means of population control. It is definitely a long term project but worth the effort. If you are interested in organising a TNR project for street dogs or cats in your area please contact your local animal rescue organisation or helpful local veterinarian for information, equipment and safety instructions. Here are some helpful links to TNR project successes and challenges from organisations around the world who recognise the importance of controlling street animal populations through the TRN model.

Hong Kong SPCA

Paws Chicago

Trap, Neuter, Return


Reach high and wide, you never know who may reach out to hug you!