When Gaius was a tiny puppy, before he came to live with us, he came down with parvovirus and was a very sick little beastie. Lucky for us, Auntie Nada whisked him off to the vet straight away and the loving team at Al Qurum Vet made him all better. On bringing our happily recovered puppy home, we noticed Gaius’ ability to inhale his food and immediately vomit it all back up; a rather harrowing experience for beastie and new beastie parents alike.
Whether this was an after-effect of the trauma of the parvovirus on his digestive system or not, we can’t say. Knowing how sick he had been we knew it was important to help him eat his meals more slowly to try to keep his food in his tummy longer where it would do him the most good. Hence, the food puzzle was introduced to our home. To help Gaius’ delicate digestive system, we elevated his food puzzle letting gravity assist in the food’s journey to Gaius’ tender tummy. It worked a treat and we never looked back.
Since then we found ourselves needing to manage many enthusiastic eaters, usually all at once. While we were feeding high quality kibble to the Tribe (which we still do from time to time inside puzzle toys!) we used some super fun food puzzles to engage beasties’ imagination and problem solving skills during meal times. This helped us use mealtimes as a learning and engagement experience as well as stem the Tribal tornado that used to be mealtime down at the Wranch!
If you have an enthusiastic eater capable of the “now you see it, now you don’t” magic trick at meal times you might find a food puzzle is the answer to a healthier and happier beastie. It may help build your relationship too as together you and your beastie make a game of searching out the last few yummy morsels hiding in those hard to reach places!
Around the same time, we discovered the Ezy Dog brand collars: hard wearing, visible, lots of great colours, styles and sizes and a helpful team at the other end of the email. Always come to the table dressed appropriately is our rule!
Keep on Wrangling!