Hopefully you will remember a few months back when this little lad came into our lives. He was pretty young then and had already experienced some bad luck in life. Back then we called him Puppy Monster because he was such a cute little trouble maker. Since then he has taken to his new name “Vinnie” and works hard to learn how to be a very good boy.
Vinnie’s biggest problem was and continues to be anything to do with his neck. You can’t reach out and touch his neck without preparing him first or catching him in a cuddly mood, you can’t put a leash on him (or take one off) and you can’t put a collar on him without him trying to bite. We think he experienced some sort of trauma relating to his neck, perhaps someone noosed him with a leash and pulled too hard, perhaps he fought a leash, lost and somehow learnt to protect his neck from anything that might be a threat. However, it came about, it has been a BIG challenge for us and for him.
We tackle Vinnie’s fears with lots of love and rewards. Every day he gets hugs and kisses and while he soaks up this lavish attention we scrub, scratch, caress and tickle his neck and shoulders. If we manage to get something around his neck we play with that too, turning it around in circles and moving it up and down his neck while giving him lots of attention until he tells us he’s had enough. His tolerance for these games has grown until yesterday when Superhero Daddy managed to put a collar on Vinnie without any risk of biting…..FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!! Vinnie is still a bit hesitant but the fresh chicken treats in Superhero Daddy’s hand won the day!
Way to go Vinnie and Superhero Daddy!
Keep on Wrangling!