Inevitably, there are times we must venture, en-mass, to visit Uncle Dr. Petar and Auntie Nurse Maria for the dreaded annual vaccinations. This time it was the little ones’ turn with all of Teddy Bear, Bessie, Bonnie, Sophia and Clinton the cat making the trip. Anij was meant to come too but her spidey sense must have triggered her invisibility super power because she was nowhere to be found that morning!
Blanky training is useful when the tribe visits the clinic as it gives them somewhere comfortable and safe to be while waiting with dad for a turn on the table. Teddy Bear was perfectly happy, not realizing anything had just happened. Bessie stood proud as Uncle Dr Peter checked her care instructions, gave her some super-soldier juice and Auntie Nurse Maria gave her cuddles and a pep talk about being a good girl and one day earning her 00 license. There is one photo of Bonnie being a beautiful little girl, which is misleading as only moments before three of us were holding and comforting her for her vaccination just as she blew her anal glands all over Auntie Nurse Maria! Sigh…….
After some doggy sweeties to make everything all better we bundled up the beasties, chaos and all, and left the clinic a quiet and peaceful place once again. “Bye bye!”, they said. “Have fun storming the castle!”
Keep on Wrangling!