TRIBE-ulations! Love Canines for a Cause 2016

We were a team of 7 Wadi Wranglers at yesterday’s Canines for a Cause Charity Festival and we had an absolutely SUPER day! As always, working with Wadi Dogs is never easy and the 6 members of the Tribe who came with us surprised us at every opportunity doing things we thought they would never do, refusing to do things they had done happily only moments before or making a break for it in the middle of a game. Our Junior Handler, Sara Bogunovic, had some big challenges throughout the day and competed against some very accomplished young handlers and their dogs! Sara spent the last month building relationships with some of the Tribe through the Saturday afternoon youth handler classes at Canadian Jebel K9. At the same time as getting to know our beasties, Sara learnt about obedience training, leash handling, positive and corrective training methods, Rally-O and agility games and their rules, nose work and the personal one-on-one relationship a handler needs to have with her beastie to make it all work. She worked very hard. She was dedicated. She was passionate about learning, winning and, most importantly, loving. She took her struggles seriously and to heart and there were times during the day we needed to re-group and go back to the basics of maintaining the relationships she has with Teddy Bear and Ben. Once we did, Sara put herself back in the games, ready to do her and her beastie’s best together as a team. What a superstar! In the end, Sara had some great wins, was interviewed by Y magazine and went home with a smile on her face (and some cool goodies too!). What more could any of us ask? Sara’s drive, dedication and resilience is astonishing.She is 9 years old. Thank you Sara, we love you! We all learnt a lesson from Sara yesterday, one we can all be reminded of from time to time – Sometimes life is worse than hard, there will be tears and pain and heartbreak. In the end the answer is simple, simple but never easy. All we need to do is be brave and have the courage to……Keep on Wrangling!