Baby animals need to be cuddled, feel loved and kept safe but, as foster parents, we can’t carry them around all of the time (no matter how much we may want to – and I did try once!). We found a combination of responsible adult animals, usually Gaius for itty-bitty babies and Jimmy for the more rambunctious pups, as well as stuffed animal surrogates do the trick right from when they are the tiniest of tots. See photo of Superhero Daddy with baby Nandi and her favourite stuffed lion ……awwwwwwwww!

One of our Tribe’s old favourites is a large, soft, curly haired black bear we call “Nanny Bear”. Nanny Bear has been with us and our beasties through thick and thin and the Tribe’s attachment to her endures into adulthood. If you are caring for any little orphans, try giving them the gift of a big, soft, cuddly surrogate to help them feel loved, cared for and no longer alone. A hot water bottle, wrapped in a towel and tucked under the surrogate is a great addition for little bubs. If you can, find an adult animal to help from time to time too. Gaius is the best Mr. Mom ever. It all helps, especially for those times when you can’t wrap them up in your arms and hold them close to the wonderful sound of your own heartbeat.
It may sound silly but it makes a HUGE difference. Surrogates are used with all sorts of orphaned animals, from companion animals to orphaned farm animals!


Just too adorable!
Reach high and wide, you never know who may be reaching out to hug you!
Keep on Wrangling!