The Wadi Wranglers team set to hunting the elusive experience, the moment of truth, the photo no-one else had managed to take to date. We crept through the wilds of Wadi Wranglers Wranch, belly-sliding between beasties. We camped out. We waited. Many cycles of the air-conditioner passed. Our food and drink ran low. The pitter-patter of our feet heading to the kitchen and the sound of the fridge door opening too much of an interruption to the beastly balance and splendid silence presented by a lull in the usual chaos. Time passed…. only Bella’s snoring marked our increased age.

Then, at long last, she was spotted. Finally seen. Finally filmed. Not in full flight. Not in full fight. Not on full alert. Not sweeping the Wranch for dangers or prowling like one of Dracula’s Harpies. The moment itself a coup for the Wadi Wranglers team above and beyond anything Jacque Cousteau or David Attenborough could have achieved. The opportunity of a lifetime.

……and here she is. Gently camouflaged by her environment. Using the cushion almost to mimic her human companions, her head tilted so that only one eye is needed to assess any nearby threat. One of nature’s wonders: Tyrannosaurus Bess………at rest!

Keep on Wrangling!