We stumble through each day with our Tribe, wiping noses, kissing faces, cleaning up after fights or running off to see Uncle Dr. Petar for a stitch or two, bumbling from one 13+ serve meal to the next, managing barking, integrating training and engagement activities, trying to manage pack walks, respecting our neighbours, trying to give the beasties one-on-one attention, taking turns at poopy patrol, setting boundaries only to break them, watching old movies because it’s too hard to watch new ones, press pause every 2 minutes and still follow the story and otherwise putting out “fires” as we live day-to-day with our mostly un-controlled chaos.
We all do, no matter the context: dogs, cats, kids … the list is endless.
Given life’s chaos, sometimes we need a good solid reminder to be grateful. Well, the Wadi Wranglers Team has had a few. Last year Auntie Alfa lost 2 of her bestest buds and just last week Uncle Ty lost his cherished 11 year old rotty. Today, we want to take the time to be grateful: grateful to Auntie Alfa, Unlce Ty, Auntie Julia, the VetSpec team and the Ezy Dog team for all they do for us and the Tribe and to each unsung Wrangler out there who wrangles their way through each new messy day; grateful to Uncle Dr. Petar and Auntie Nurse Maria for treating us like family; grateful to Uncles Ben and Abs for being the bestest uncles the Tribe could wish for; grateful to Auntie Angela and Uncle David for just being fab. We are especially grateful for each of our beasties; each request for a game, a hug, a make my ouchie better kiss, for all of the silliness, for Teddy Bear being able to open doors outwards and inwards (true!), for all of Louis’ nearly 17 years of 3 am head butts and cold winter’s night under the duvet snuggles, for each sunrise and sunset over our messy, goofy lives.
Thank you.
I happened across a wonderful gratefulness vid “Denali: A tribute to man’s best friend by Ben Moon”. Keep some tissues handy!

Keep on Wrangling … and being grateful!