We want to give you a round up on Max’s progress especially since we have so many new Wranglers following us. Welcome All!!!
Max is our Demodectic Mange patient. Everyone asks about him. He is always a model beastie when at the vet and an example of how well a dog can recover from this condition. We know there are a number of you out there managing Demodectic Mange with your dog or puppy so please persist. It’s worth it to see them happy and healthy again – all because you gave them the love they need to be their bestest beastie ever.
This is Max’s Story…
Max was rescued from a construction site at the Wave where he lived for many, many months, all through the heat of last summer, suffering from advanced Demodectic Mange and the resulting hair loss and thick-scabbed fungal infection to the majority of his body. Many people tried to help Max but he refused to be caught. In the end, construction workers placed his food, which he would approach only when everyone was well out of the way, in the middle of a construction debris net. Once Max was eating, the team lifted the edges of the net with a construction crane trapping Max inside the now hanging net, bundled the terrified beastie into a waiting car and delivered him to Uncle Dr Petar at Azaiba Branch, Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic for treatment. Max came to live with us 2 weeks later. That all happened waaaaaaaaaaaay back in late October / early November 2015.
And now!
We are very pleased to report Max is now off his medication and is a happy, wonderful and loving Beastie. All it took was a little love and affection (some significant research, ordering important shampoo, vitamin supplements and instructional material on-line), the care of Dr. Sylvia, Auntie Nurse Maria and Uncle Dr. Petar ….. and time. We found the vitamin products of the Vetspec team to be central to Max’s recovery and the wonderful neam oil based natural soap given to us by the Ayana Spa team to help heal Max dry, cracked and fragile skin was simply amazing! He always smells delicious!
You got to have friends!
Max continues to build great relationships with the Tribe, so much so we are now socializing him with the little girl Beasties, starting with Bonnie Bonster Monster. It’s all going well. Max even had a reunion with his rescuer, Mr. Douglas Malcolm, recently who was very pleased to see Max recovered, happy and loved with his new family. Thank you Doug and team for helping Max on his journey to live with us here at Wadi Wranglers’ Wranch!
For those of you helping your dog recover from this condition, there is an ocean of information available on-line and helpful tutorials on YouTube. The recommended benzoyle peroxide shampoo and a topical anti-miticidal treatment together with a quality diet works! Combine this with giving your dog security, patience, love and any other medical treatment required, all of which will help his immune system recover, and it’s only a matter of time before your beastie is furry and happy again.
Remember, reach high and wide, you never know who may be reaching out to hug you!
Keep on Wrangling!