You might see us out and about of a morning, walking in the world with our beasties. Some of our beasties need more attention than others and so the numbers in our walking groups differ from time slot to time slot and from day to day. I see you looking at us. I hope you like what you see or, at least, appreciate the love and care we share as a special needs family of crazy humans and crazier beasties. For the most part, we appreciate your wry smiles and quiet nods as we pass on our morning sojurn, our attention focused on being as “normal” as possible. It’s not always as easy as it seems.
To the lovely ladies jogging with your dog by the beach the other morning, surely you noticed me redirect my big “dawgs” away from you as your group jogged up behind us on the path. Surely you noticed me redirect my big “dawgs” each time you changed your path. Surely you noticed me keep a steady distance between our two groups and how we slowed to allow your group to pass. Surely you noticed me redirect my big “dawgs” again when you stopped to meet doggy friends and enjoy a session of tangled leashes. Surely you noticed me slowly come back to the path behind you to recompose my beasties’ morning journey only to redirect my big “dawgs” again when your jog was abruptly halted by an inconvenient doggy poop. Surely you saw me finally redirect my big “dawgs” to a different path to keep significant distance between us to help the beast on my right, who had, by this time, turned into a screeching, fire breathing dragon flapping at the end of his leash held tightly in my right hand. Surely choosing to loop around onto the inescapable path I had been forced to and attempt to jog your dog directly at me and my screeching, fire breathing, flapping dragon was a somewhat inadvisable course of action……… Thank you for taking the advice of my raised flat hand and retreating back in the opposite direction, notwithstanding having done so with surprised and bemused looks on your faces.
To the kind gentleman in your bright, white dishdasha and long black beard, please be aware that staring directly into a dog’s eyes with an intensity suitable to exercise a demon is likely to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. To do this is a threat to his existence and is likely to turn him into a raging, spitting, monstrous demon, the hell hound of all hell hounds, terrorizing the world around him at the end of the leash held tightly in my left hand.
To the sweet lady who, in the face of us with 6 of our wadi dogs, picked up her adorable, little, shaggy, shitzu and proceeded to walk towards our frenzied mob of berserk beasties down a narrow and confined alley…… thank you for taking the fight that broke out among our beasties as a sign to remove yourself and your little serve of shaggy tapas to higher ground.
With a raging, spitting demon on my left and a screeching, fire breathing, flapping dragon on my right, I think I will be just fine.
Keep on Wrangling!