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Tyrannosaurus Bess – Life can be messy with Bessie!

Bessie’s training progresses and this weekend, after some weeks of snout grabs followed by treats and play rewards, I fitted her with a basket muzzle. Wearing this muzzle, Bessie can work in socialisation exercises and group activities to improve her...

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Special Report – Sighting the Tyrannosaurus Bess!

The Wadi Wranglers team set to hunting the elusive experience, the moment of truth, the photo no-one else had managed to take to date. We crept through the wilds of Wadi Wranglers Wranch, belly-sliding between beasties. We camped out. We waited. Many...

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People are as people do….

Usually I try to make these posts a bit poetic, a little lyrical and, notwithstanding the underlying message, a fraction funny. Today, I think it’s time to be honest and upfront and say: I am AMAZED and FASCINATED! Of course, these are not necessarily the...

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